Understanding Your Invoices

This article will help you understand your invoices and show you where to find important details

Click here or go to your Profile and then click on "Invoices" to view your previous and upcoming Invoices.

You will be brought to this page:

Here you will see all of your previous invoices as well as the current cost of your next invoice. 

To dive deeper into the specifics of an invoice, click the View Detailed Charges link. This will download an Excel spreadsheet with your invoice details.

In the next section, we will discuss each section of this file in detail.

1. Account Details

At the top of the report, you will see your Account Details.

Here is what each of the items mean: 
  • Account: Indicates the email address associated with the user account.
  • Invoice ID: A unique identifier for the invoice.
  • Invoice Date: The date when the invoice was issued.
  • Pricing Plan: Shows the subscribed pricing plan, in this case, 'Smart Rollover'.

Note: Want to learn more about our different plans? You can visit this article for more information: General Overview of Pozotron Pricing Plans & Features.

2. Proofing Costs

The next section will break down your Proofing Costs for each project.

Here is what each of the items mean: 
  • Book Title: The name of the project. Note that there may be multiple projects shown in the same file. 
  • Service: The type of service rendered, e.g., Proofing Service.
  • Free Credit Minutes: Shows how many free credit minutes were used on this project. 
  • Credit Minutes Refunded For Reuploading: Displays the quantity of minutes automatically refunded as a result of reuploading content. You can learn more about that here. 
  • Billed Minutes: Displays the total proofing minutes were used and charged for.
  • Total Hours: Total amount of audio uploaded to a project.
  • Project Cost: The total cost associated with the project.
  • Billed PFH Cost: Shows the Project Cost divided by Total Hours, showing how much each hour cost after considering free credit minutes, reuploads, etc.

3. Script Prep Costs

The next section will break down your Script Prep Costs for each project.

Here is what each of the items mean:
  • Description: outlines the usage event (script prep usage) and the associated project. 
  • Service: The type of service rendered, e.g., Script Prep Tools. 
  • Cost: shows the cost per project as well as the sub totals of the Script Prep Tool usage only. 
  • Invoice Total: The total amount due, including proofing costs and Script Preparation costs.

Note: You cost for Script Prep Tool usage will change depending on your subscription plan. Click here to lean more.


If you still have questions about your invoice, please contact us at help@pozotron.com along with the invoice in question. We are always happy to help!