Script Preparation Tools Pricing

The script prep tools are a-la-carte features that help streamline your research activities! This article will break down the cost of these services.

Script Prep Pricing

For use of the Pronunciation Research, Character Voice Guide, Scan Occurrences, and Automated Script Markup features, Pozotron charges a flat rate per project. 

You will not be charged again for that specific project once the flat rate has been paid. 

Script prep prices are dependent on your proofing subscription with Pozotron.

The prices to use all of Pozotron’s prep features for an individual project are:

  • $14.00 per project for Pay As You Go plan users
  • $12.50 per project for Smart Rollover plan users
  • $12.00 per project for Narrator plan users
  • $11.00 per project for Publisher plan users

Pozotron will continue to develop these features thanks to feedback from users like you.

If you have any suggestions on how to improve these features (or any other element of Pozotron Studio), please email us at