General Overview of Pozotron Pricing Plans & Features

This article will give you a general overview of the different subscription options and their benefits!

Pozotron Subscriptions

All Pozotron proofing plans are based on cost Per Finished Hour (“PFH”).
In other words, it's the total runtime of the audio files you upload to Pozotron for proofing.

Note: You can switch plans at any point and are never "locked in" to a subscription!

Plan Name Monthly Subscription Hours Included with Subscription Overage PFH Cost
Pay As You Go $0 0 $14
Smart Rollover $35 4 $11.15
Narrator $119 16 $10.35
Publisher 25 $235 25 $11.15
Publisher 50 $445 50 $11.15
Publisher 75 $640 75 $10.75
Publisher 100 $815 100 $10.35
Publisher 300 $2,250 300 $9.60
Publisher 600 $4,485 600 $8.85
All plans include:
  • Proofing Packet Export (classic Excel spreadsheet format)
  • Pickup Packet Exports (updated and streamlined .html format with expandable context, MP3 samples included)
  • Audacity DAW integration
  • Collaboration options (easily share projects with others)

How our invoicing works: 

All plans (except the Smart Rollover Plan):

We will charge you for your usage at the end of each billing month.

This will be your Monthly Subscription cost, plus any additional hours you've uploaded, each charged at your Overage PFH Cost.

Your invoice also charges on the monthly anniversary of the day you signed up for your plan 

(e.g., if you register for a plan on August 3rd, your invoice will close on the 3rd of each month moving forward). 

The Smart Rollover Plan: 

This plan will charge you $35 on the day you sign up for your first 240 credit minutes, which will be applied to your account soon after you sign up.

Your next invoice will include a charge for any audio uploaded in excess of those first 4 prepaid hours, plus your next $35 charge for your next 240 credit minutes. 

A breakdown of other features included in each pricing plan:

Feature Name Pay as you go Smart Rollover Narrator Publisher
Digital accuracy check
Excel proofing packets
Pickup packet export
Allowed narrators Unlimited Unlimited 1 Unlimited
Rollover credits      
Studio One  
Adobe Audition  
Twisted Wave  
Sound Forge  

Note: You can add additional DAW Exports to any subscription plan for an additional $2 Per Finished Hour

Not sure what plan is best suited to your needs? Email us at to get help from our team. We will get you set up on the most cost-efficient plan based on your usage.