What is my best pricing plan as a Pozotron user?

We have several different ways that you can get the most value out of Pozotron by choosing different options.

How do I choose a pricing plan?

Find the plan that works best for you!

All Pozotron plans are based on cost Per Finished Hour (“PFH”). You can pick any of the options and are never locked in for more than one month.

Change as you see fit to get the most from our software.

Plan Name Monthly Subscription Hours Included with Subscription Overage PFH Cost
Pay As You Go $0 0 $12
Smart Rollover $29 4 $9.70
Narrator $99 16 $9.00
Publisher 50 $385 50 $9.70
Publisher 100 $710 100 $9.00
Publisher 300 $1,950 300 $8.35
Publisher 600 $3,900 600 $7.70
All plans include:
  • Proofing packet download (classic Excel spreadsheet format)
  • Pickup packet download (updated and streamlined .html format with expandable context, MP3 samples included)
  • Audacity DAW integration
  • Collaboration options (easily share projects with others)
Here is a breakdown of what other features are included in each plan type:
Pay as you go Smart Rollover Narrator Publisher
Digital accuracy check
Excel proofing packets
Pickup packet export
Allowed narrators Unlimited Unlimited 1 Unlimited
Studio One  
Adobe Audition  
Rollover credits      


Not sure what plan is best suited to your needs? Email us at hello@pozotron.com to get help from our team. They will get you set up on the most cost-efficient plan based on your usage.