Introduction to Script Prep Features

Pozotron's script prep tools will get everyone on the same page about pronunciation and character voices before the recording even starts!

Pozotron’s script preparation tools are designed to stop pickups before they happen, helping narrators be more accurate while streamlining their research activities. 

Here is a great video overview of all our script prep tool features: 


Pronunciation Research

Accurate pronunciations are key to a successful audiobook, but good pronunciation research is very time-consuming.

Pozotron scans your manuscript and extracts all the complex, rare, and custom words you’ll likely need to research.

Also, if Pozotron doesn't automatically find a word you would like on your list eventually, it's as simple as typing in that word in our "add custom word" box, and it will process that word just like the automatic suggestions.

This feature allows for one-click pronunciation searches in Oxford (GB & US), Merriam-Webster, Forvo, and Youglish, and users can record custom pronunciation audio snippets to share with project collaborators.

Character Voice Guide

Pozotron automatically scans for character names in a manuscript and provides a user interface to create image profile reminders, record character voices, insert character notes, and give customized accent cues.

This feature ensures consistency in character voices throughout an audiobook and especially across multi-title book series.

Automated Script Markups

Export a ready-for-narration manuscript with automatic script highlighting and phonetic pronunciation comments as well as character notes.

The Automated Script Markups tool will cut hours out of your script preparation and help you eliminate pickups before narration begins.

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