Best Subscription Plans for Individual Narrators or Audio Engineer

We have two main professional tiers that could be a perfect fit, the Smart Rollover plan and the Narrator plan.


Good to know: Both of these plans add Audacity, Audition, Reaper, and Studio One DAW integration.

Smart Rollover Plan 

$29/month with 4 included hours, $9.70 per additional hour.

If you don’t use all 4 hours, they roll over into the next month so no processing time is ever lost.

This is the best way to get started if you are planning on around 3 books or less per month and don’t want to be limited to uploading a single voice. This is also perfect if you don't have continuous projects, as the hours roll over and accumulate! 

You can switch to this plan anytime by visiting the Pozotron billing page.

Narrator plan

$99/month with 16 hours included, $9.00 per additional hour, and only one narrator voice allowed.

This is a great deal for a single narrator who knows they have at least 16 hours of continuous audio to upload within a month period. 

Email us at to switch to the Narrator’s plan.