Missing Audio in Uploaded Files

Sometimes there can be errors exporting from your DAW that leave big chunks of silence or just extended room tone. Check if that's the case and re-upload the new file into Pozotron

Missing Segments of Text in Proofing (caused by empty audio uploads)

Here is how to resolve issues with missing segments of text from a script.

Occasionally Pozotron users upload a script and an audio file into Pozotron, then see their proofing page with large segments of the script missing or highlighted all in red underlined text.

This issue is usually caused by large sections of the audio file being devoid of sound and simply filled by silence or room tone. This can sometimes happen during the audio export process from a DAW.

To resolve this issue, the audio file will need to be fixed in a DAW to remove the silent segments and re-upload it into Pozotron as a new chapter in your project.

Pozotron also recommends users conduct a final audio check before exporting from their DAW to ensure no audio is missing from their file.

If following the steps above does not resolve your issue, please contact the Pozotron Support Team at help@pozotron.com.