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Multi-Narrator Projects in Pozotron

There are several features we have in Pozotron to make multi-narrator projects smooth and organized.

Projects with more than one narrator can get complicated, but Pozotron’s interface is set up to help you simplify and organize them with a few easy steps. 

There are different approaches depending on your specific needs. 


The three methods to mix and match include:

Labelling Your Chapters

There are several reasons to include the narrator’s name in your audio filename: 

  • It’s easy to search, scan, and organize your system.
  • You can search for these names in all of Pozotron’s export formats.
  • If you have to split up reports to send to individual narrators, these labels are easy to see and organize for copying and pasting or deleting to suit your needs.
  • If you export a pickup packet, having the narrator’s name as part of the filename means that all of their MP3 files will have their name in them.

If the only thing you do is label the audio files like this, splitting and creating multiple narrator pickups is pretty straightforward.

Creating Separate Projects

Another way to keep narrator reports separate is to create a different project for each narrator.

Since you’re charged strictly based on processing time, there’s no cost difference to have one project or three.

You only have to pay a bit more attention to exporting with the right settings to ensure timestamp accuracy for your engineers and your individual narrators, but this is an easy solution to keep things organized.

Using the Narrator Tags

Narrator tags are a built-in tool if you want to keep the book files all in the same place, but separate the narrators’ pickups into different tabs in the proofing report, or separate .html files in the pickup packets.

For each annotation that you want to be associated with a specific narrator, add @narrator1 (@narrator2, @narrator3, etc) to your tags list.

When you hit the export buttons, the separation will happen automatically in your reports in separate tabs.