What if I want to add manual comments to the report along with Pozotron-generated ones?

Adding manual comments is as easy as clicking, dragging, and using hashtags and 'at' signs to help you stay organized.

How To Add Manual Comments

Double-click a word, or click and drag over a word or phrase and release. You’ll see a small bubble pop up.

Click the bubble and it will take you to a manually added annotation, where you can add hashtags and describe your pickup quickly and efficiently in the boxes provided.

Typing in a single letter will start filtering hashtags, so work to find the quickest ways to get to the ones you use the most often.

Also, you can you the keyboard, ‘tab’ and ‘enter’ keys specifically, to move through the annotations boxes. This will save you lots of time clicking via the mouse.

This and other efficiency tips are available in videos on our YouTube channel.