How do I cancel an upload?

We all make mistakes! If you realize you have uploaded the wrong audio file, you can cancel before it fully processes.

You now have the option to cancel or add a delay to your audio files when you first upload them into Pozotron Studio. This can help avoid any wrong files being loaded and charged to your account. 

How to cancel an upload 

When you first upload your audio files, you will see them working their way through 8 different processing steps.

Once it gets to the final step, this is when you are charged for the number of minutes you have just uploaded into Pozotron. 

If you realize you've made a mistake before it gets to this final step, you can press the cancel upload button.

This will cancel the process and avoid any charges to your account. 

How to add a delay

If you upload a large number of audio files at once, it can be helpful to add a delay to the processing. This will allow you more time to review what you have just uploaded into Pozotron and utilize the Cancel Upload button if needed. 

It is possible to add a delay of your choosing by contacting