Overview of Available DAW Marker Integration

Chances are very good that Pozotron has an "export DAW marker" feature that will work with your primary recording and editing workflows!

Pozotron integrates directly with your DAW to make editing easier

Did you know you can export DAW markers from your Pozotron proofing session straight into your DAW?

For an overview of this feature and how to use it, check out our helpful tutorial video on DAW marker integration in Pozotron.

Pozotron supports integration with the following DAWs, and you can click on each DAW name below for a tutorial video on how to use the DAW marker integration for each application:

Though we don’t officially integrate with Logic Pro you can click here to watch a tutorial on how to use Logic Pro markers with Pozotron Studio.

DAW Markers

Refer to the screenshot above. In this view, you will be able to see:

  • The first dropdown menu allows users to select any of the above-supported DAWs.
  • The second dropdown menu allows users to select Single Marker (markers for the start of each pickup) or Marker Range (markers for the start and end of each pickup, only available for Audition, Audacity, and Reaper).
  • The third dropdown menu allows users to select their timestamps relative to the start of each chapter/section (audio file in Pozotron project) or the start of the book project.

DAW markers can be exported for the entire project (using the Import/Export button on the top right of your project page), for a single chapter (using the 3-button hamburger menu immediately to the left of the chapter duration), or for individual words in your audio file using the Scan Occurrences feature.