How to Get Your Pickup Report as an Excel Sheet

Pozotron has an easy way to export your annotation results as an Excel sheet, with all of the information contained in the other types of reporting

Generating an Excel Proofing Report

When it comes time to export the proofing report, hover over the Import/Export button found in the upper right-hand corner of your project page 

Then, choose Proofing Report from the dropdown menu.: 

You’ll have several options to choose from for your export as well, including how you want the time stamps presented and how much context you’d like around each pickup.

Proofing preference

Depending on how you did your proofing, the report will have a number of tabs on the bottom that organize your results.

Proofing report example

The proofing report, online and offline pick-up packets, and DAW markers all contain the same pickup information, just presented in slightly different formats depending on user preference.